B R E C K E N R I D G E  I N D E P E N D E N T  S C H O O L  D I S T R I C T  V I D E O  G A L L E R Y





Just click on one of the below images to see a video of student life. We are going to remake this area sometime during the spring 2018 semester, including a mobile version.


























It was an unusual game:
the Sophomore & Junior Lady Bucks versus the Freshmen & Senior Lady Bucks. Just click on the picture at left to watch
the video and see who won. To you seniors who completed your last athletic event at BHS,
we wish you the very best!






The 2014-2015 Breckenridge High School Basketball Video is now up and running on YouTube. Just click on the image at right.


BHS/BJHS Journalism & Web Media students produced this video.




Please check out the BHS 2014 Fall Sports Video, produced by BJHS/BHS Journalism & Web Media students Sydney Presley & Andres Torres. Just click on the image above.












On May 31, 2014, all three BISD cheer squads -- Junior High, Junior Varsity, & Varsity -- traveled to The University of Oklahoma for the NCA/OU Leadership Cheer Camp. Click on the image at left, taken at OU, to see the video of camp highlights.





Check out the new 2013-2014 BHS Basketball Retrospective Video.

The varsity teams had remarkable seasons, finishing the year as Champions.













Check out the 2013-2014 BHS Coronation Video made by Caleb Martin & Gabriel Galan. Just click on the image at left.



This Animoto slide show movie of Breckenridge High School fall 2013 sports is brought to you by the BHS/BJHS Journalism & Web Media Class. The main photographers follow: Sabel Baladez, Brookanne Brogdon, Madeline Pennartz, Makenna Moser, Kirsten Gann, Maria Alvarado, Callie Pierce, Hailey Hendrix, Maegan Hatchett, & Mr. Best. We used Cannon digital cameras, and we extend a special thanks to Skip Griffeth, BISD School Board President, for loaning us one of his high-end digital Cannon cameras and two telephoto lenses. All 279 pictures in this video were edited in Adobe Photoshop. Just click on the image at left for a 20 minute video of BHS fall sports.










Click on the image at left to watch the 2012 BJHS Valentine's Dance.