Welcome to the home of BISD Online Video Announcements for the 2017-2018 school year. We only began this new way to communicate to our local and greater Buckaroo community in February of 2017. We have placed below our weekly video presentations, beginning with the most recent episodes, going backwards from there. To the right of each show, we have written a brief description so that a viewer can locate interviews and other items of interest. These programs are a production of Breckenridge High School's Journalism & Web Media class.



Jamie Curtis, Host  ◦  Calvin Best, Producer






Jamie takes us through the week; then, she interviews Danielle Chisholm, BHS Life Skills Teacher, who brings us up to speed about several very good things going on in their world, and while she speaks, we enjoy pictures from the Life Skills Special Olympics practice meet that was recently held at Hardin-Simmons University. We conclude with three more High School Seniors who tell us all about "Where They Are Headed." Go, Bucks!




Jamie takes us through the STAAR/EOC Testing week; then, two more BHS Seniors tell us "Where They Are Headed!"




Jamie takes us through the week; then, we hear from three more BHS Seniors who tell us "Where They Are Headed!" Go, Bucks!





Jamie runs through a very busy, post-Spring Break week; then, we enjoy several video clips blended together and set to music from the recent 3rd grade trip to Safety City in Abilene at Rose Park; we conclude with three Where Ya Headed? interviews.



Spring Break 2018



Note: we did not produce a set of weekly announcements for the week after the break, the 19th thru the 23rd.


Jamie takes us through Spring Break, and then we hear from three BHS Seniors about Where They Are Headed!






Jamie runs through a busy week; then, we enjoy some video clips from the recent Bring the Abilene Zoo to School Program from East Elementary; then, we have an interview with the Bronco Principal for a Day, Levi Adams. Next, we hear from Chris Otts and Savannah Burns from The Buckaroo Inquirer about their team's current and upcoming project; then, BHS Senior Kirsten Gann tells us about Where She’s Headed, and we conclude with the BHS field trip to the TSTC Breckenridge Campus for Career Investigations.



With school closed Wednesday and Thursday, and with Jamie visiting a college in California, Landry Woodward was nice enough to host this week's video announcements, so thank you, Landry, and Great Work!




Jamie runs through the week and then begins this year's "Where Ya Headed" Campaign, interviewing BHS seniors who have received their acceptance letters. This week we hear from Maria Alvarado and Mackenzie Harris!





Jamie runs through a very busy week with a special presentation from Mrs. Terrye Smith's Fashion Design class.





Jamie runs through a very busy week, as spring sports begin and the schedule accelerates. She concludes the announcements with Jessie Shortes who tells about the recent 2018 Stephens County Junior Stock Show & Sale, and we follow that with a good many pictures from the stock show set to music.




Jamie runs through a fairly light week, keeping in mind that Coronation is this coming Saturday, February 3, 2017 at 7:00 PM. We also hear from Karla Stewart, BHS Cheer Sponsor and Coach, about the recent UIL competition, the current fundraiser, and the upcoming 2018 cheer tryouts.




Jamie runs through the week with a special focus on the BHS Students of the Third Six Weeks along with an overdue report on Mr. Durham's Sidewalk Cellular Project -- Very Cool -- Go, Bucks!



Jamie is back and runs through the week of January 15th thru 20th with a special invitation at the end for the Stephens County Junior Stock Show & sale, 2018.




BISD Online Video Announcements Christmas Edition - December 11th thru 20th: Jamie runs through a very busy next few days; then, we showcase Buckaroo's Theater's current production - Charlotte's Web, and they have done an awesome job! Please check it out and share! Merry Christmas, Buckaroos!




BISD Online Video Announcements for the Week of December 4th thru 8th. Jamie reviews a very busy week; then, we check-in on the BHS Students & Bucks of the Second Six Weeks, and we hear from two actors about Buckaroo Theater's upcoming play, Charlotte's Web. We also enjoy a special feature about North Elementary's Turkey Trot!




BISD Thanksgiving 2017 Online Video Announcements (Plus Week after) with Special Story about the First Thanksgiving at Plymouth.



After Jamie runs through the week, we enjoy a really good interview with Coach Casey Hubble, BISD Athletic Director & Head Football Coach with some inspiring video from just after the Ponder victory; then, we go over to North Elementary School for a very cool "Cup Stacking Challenge and Competition!" Closing out this week's announcements, Abby Moore from South Elementary tells us about the recent Buckaroo Book Night with lots of pictures.




We are excited about this week's online video announcements! After Jamie reviews the week, we have a special Monster Math Night feature from East Elementary, an interview with two high school students who are part of a new online show called The Buckaroo Inquirer, and we will enjoy a good number of pictures from across the district during Red Ribbon Week!



This is an especially interesting presentation in that we cover, after Jamie runs through the week, the East Elementary field trips to the Breckenridge Fire Station, Volleyball Senior Night, and "A Day in My Shoes" at the Junior High with six parent interviews!




Jamie Curtis, BISD Online Video Announcements Host, is wearing special Pink Out clothes in support of today's Pink Out pep rally. After she reviews the week, we have an interview with Mrs. Etzel, Junior High Principal, who tells us all about "A Day in My Shoes." Next, we hear from both Coach Hubble and Yarbrough about the good things going on in football and volleyball with pictures and video clips. Lastly, a few varsity cheerleaders and two football players, invite us to next week's "Black-Out" pep rally. Go, Bucks!




Jamie does her usual good work, taking us through the school schedule; then, we enjoy a special and very cool report from BHS Cosmetology; next, we hear another Spooky announcement about the upcoming BHS Haunted House; then, we enjoy a video of the most recent pep rally; plus, two varsity cheerleaders invite us to the next Pink Out pep rally.



Jamie runs through the school week; we showcase the BHS National Honor Society Induction Ceremony; we hear a "Spooky" advertisement; and, three varsity cheerleaders invite us to the next "Into the Jungle" pep rally.



After Jamie runs through the week, we will showcase some of the very good things going on in Mr. Moss' Industrial Arts & Shop Classes.



Jamie reviews the week, and then we present a video from the Eastland Pep Rally that has some pretty good boot-scootin'.



Jamie runs through the very busy week, indicating all of the Homecoming Dress Up Themes. At the end of the announcements, please enjoy a special video presentation of last Friday's pep rally. We hope you like it!



BISD Video Announcements with a Meet the Bucks Special Feature & BHS Homecoming 2017 Preview.



After Jamie runs through the week, keeping in mind that Monday is a school holiday, we interview Coach Hubble, Coach Yarbrough, and Coach Dieterich with videos and pictures. We also cover the first of this fall's BHS pep rallies: Knock-Out the Loboes!



After Jamie reviews the week, she focuses on South Elementary School's "Wonder" theme, showcasing some of their very well-decorated doors and hallways.



BISD Online Video Announcements -- First Seven Days of School. Hosted by Jamie Curtis. In this edition, we interview Mr. Seymore, BISD Superintendent of Schools, who tells us about summer 2017 infrastructure improvements and the 2017-2018 "Where Ya Headed?" program. Also, Coach Hubble brings us up to speed on the new Buckaroo football season with video highlights and pictures.



After Jamie runs through what is a very busy week, we have a few special features: 1) Mrs. Jenning's chemistry students engaged in a very creative project; 2) BHS enjoyed a visit last week from the US Army, so we showcase a little of that; 3) We have two more senior "Where Ya Headed?" interviews; and 4), we conclude this week's announcements with highlights from the recent rocket launch.




After Jamie runs through this week, we have a very helpful,, explanatory interview with Judge Roach and Judge Baggett. They tell us all about Teen Court, which has been very successful and has involved numerous BHS students in leadership positions.



After Jamie runs through the week, which includes a good bit of EOC testing, we interview Terrye Smith about the upcoming Camp Half Blood, Mrs. Jennings about a recent and effective science lab, and Jessica San Lucas and Hailey Robertson about their "Where Ya Headed?" plans for college. Please check it out.



This week we interview Mr. Best about upcoming website changes and improvements, Mr. Moses about the recent Junior High Band successes (and his new job), and we enjoy hearing from Senior Kaitlyn Ellis about being accepted at Hardin-Simmons University and about playing for the Cowgirl Basketball Team. We also close out this week's announcements with a special Lady Bucks Softball Senior Night Tribute.




This week, Jamie Curtis interviews Mark Nelson, BISD Director of Food Services, about the upcoming Cowboy Cookouts at all three elementary campuses. We also hear from Jessie Shortes and Justin Hopkins about the many successes happening in FFA/Ag-Science. Plus, Haden Miller, Tori Karl, and Taylor Carroway, BHS Seniors, tell us "Where They Are Headed," having received their acceptance letters.



We think you will enjoy a special interview with the BHS Winterguard team leaders, Charlotte Weaver, Maggie Phillips, & Samantha Cooper (with new pictures of the team). Also, we have two terrific interviews with Alfredo Arellano and Kaylee Roberts, BHS Seniors who tell us “Where They Are Headed.”




Special Senior Interviews with Kaitlyn Bode, Vidal Saucedo, Max Palacios, & Brooklyn Hill. These are great interviews from the "Where Ya Headed" Campaign. Also, we interview Gavyn Wilson, Junior High Principal for the Day, and we hear from Coaches Pat Yarbrough and Kim Dieterich about their awesome seasons. Please check these announcements out.



Special "Where Ya Headed" interviews with BHS Seniors Elizabeth Wheeler & William Cooksey. We changed the interview format to a bit more formal and slightly longer.



Please check out this week's BISD Online Video Announcements. There is an interview with Mark Nelson, BISD Director of Food Services, and we interview four seniors who recently received their college acceptance letters.



Interview with Dane Richardson, BHS Band Director; he discusses the Band's Colorguard, and while he speaks about their challenges, there are numerous pictures showcased from a recent halftime performance at the BISD Athletics & Fine Arts Center. Also, there are interviews with Ashlyn Shugart, Pablo Ramirez, and Lauren Satterwhite. Those seniors tells us about being accepted into college and their immediate plans, which is a part of the Where Ya Headed? campaign.



After Jaime breaks down the week, there is a good interview with Coach Mitch Etxell about this year's softball season and team. Coach Val also brings up to speed on the PALS Library Renovation Project and the Mother/Son Date Knight (with pictures from the dance).

First Episode


We are beginning something new: Breckenridge ISD, online video announcements where our student host, Jamie Curtis, will discuss the upcoming week, highlighting key events, interviewing coaches, students, teachers, and administrators. Please check out our first addition for the week of Monday, February 6th thru Sunday, February 12th. Go, Bucks!