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Breckenridge ISD

208 North Miller Street
Breckenridge, Texas  76424

Voice & Fax: 254-522-9600

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Calvin Best, BISD Webmaster

Buckaroo Mobile Web is ready to use. This new website was made just for smart phones. In your phone's browser, type Breckenridge ISD into the search engine; then, click on that link, and you will be redirected to the new mobile web. Go, Bucks!

Just the Facts about the Fifth Six Weeks of School

Tuesday, February 19th through Friday, April 12th

Days of Instruction: 44 ◦ 15,400 Minutes of Class Time

Dates for Spring Spring Break: 03/11/19-03/15/19

Easter Sunday 04/21/19 with the 19th a Professional

Development Day (no school for students) & the 22nd
a Comp Day for Teachers. Go, Bucks, Go!

Looking for an excellent activity for your child or grand child during Spring Break? Here's just the thing: STARRY SPRING BREAK GROUPS. There's "Positive Action," which teaches students about techniques for doing right kinds of things, enjoying the benefits from helping others. There's also "Coping Cat," which helps students address anxiety and related concerns. Click the image at left for the full flyer.

Welcome to the 2018-2019 School Year! We are super-glad you are here! Go, Bucks! Together Is Better!
BISD also utilizes a mobile website, made just for smart phones. Open your browser on your smart phone and type in the search engine "Breckenridge ISD." Click on the hyperlink, and you will automatically be redirected to the new mobile web.
Be sure to check out BISD campus websites for lots of helpful information. Just go to the drop down menu at the top of this page and click on "Campuses."
Did you know that each campus issues its own online, smart-phone friendly, newsletter? These new media tools are excellent, showcasing all kinds of good things on each campus. Go to the drop down menu above and click on "Campuses," and you will see the newsletters under each campus. Principals will begin this practice very soon for the 2018-2019 school year.

The whole family is invited. East Elem 04/16/19; South Elem 04/18/19; South Elem 04/24/19. See you there, Buckaroos!

BISD Food Services is glad to announce that it's

almost time for the annual Cowboy Cookouts!

Be sure to check out our new BISD Online Video Announcements. Chris Otts & Landry Woodward will co-host these informative weekly announcements, and they will often showcase several things going on from all around our school district. These announcements will be posted at the top of the Buckaroo Mobile Web Calendar.