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Required Postings

Our Mission: To educate and empower every student to reach maximum potential for life beyond school. Our Vision: Buckaroo Pride - A culture of excellence!




Please find below district and campus documents: handbooks, policies, School Board links, specific performance reports, and additional information.


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Essential Postings & Links ◦ 2022-2023

Hail Storm Consulting - RFQ No. 23-001

2022-2023 Socioeconomic Form

New Student Enrollment

Returning Student Enrollment

District Residency Form

BISD Bus Enrollment Form

ESSER Public Notice Website

BISD Local Innovation Plan

Chapter 313 School Value Limitation Agreement

Safe Return to School Plan, 2021-2022


Campus Reports & Handbooks for
High School & Junior High School

High School 2022 Accountability Ratings

2022 BISD Federal Report Card HIGH SCHOOL

2022 BISD Federal Report Card JUNIOR HIGH

Jr. High School 2022 Accountability Ratings

Secondary Staff Handbook

Student Code of Conduct

Secondary Student Handbook in English

Secondary Student Handbook in Spanish

Secondary Schools Grading Policy

High School Report Card

High School Campus Improvement Plan

Junior High School Report Card

Junior High Campus Improvement Plan

Ranger College Memorandum of Understanding

Career & Technical Education
Methods of Instruction (MOA)

Career of Technical Education
Methods of Instruction (MOA)


Campus Reports & Handbooks for
East & South Elementary Schools

Elementary School Student Handbook

2022 BISD Federal Report Card SOUTH ELEM

South Elementary 2022 Accountability Ratings

South Elementary Report Card

South Elementary Parent Compact

South Elementary Parental Involvement Policy

South Elementary Campus Improvement Plan

South Elem Comprehensive Needs Assessment

2022 BISD Federal Report Card EAST ELEM

East Elementary 2022 Accountability Ratings

East Elementary Campus Improvement Plan

East Elementary Parent Involvement Policy

East Elementary Pre-K-Elementary Family Engagement Plan

East Elementary Report Card



Board of Trustees & Superintendent

School Board Election Dates – Posted 09/19/23

Order of General Election ◦ Posted 02/17/23

Notice of Deadline ◦ Posted November 2022

School Board Web Page

Board Meeting Agendas

School Board Policy Manual

Breckenridge ISD Approved 2021-2022 Budget

Breckenridge ISD Approved 2022-2023 Budget

Breckenridge ISD PROPOSED 2023-2024 Budget

Eligibility & Qualifications

Spring of 2022 Board Election Dates

BISD School Board 2022 Election Dates

Board Member Elections Info #1

Board Member Elections Info #2

Notice To File Application ◦ Posted 12/15/21

Guide to Serving on the School Board

Superintendent's Contract Posted 041524


District Level Reports & Policies

2022 BISD Federal Report Card Letter - English

2022 BISD Federal Report Card Letter - Spanish

2022 BISD Federal Report Card - DISTRICT

2022 Accountability Ratings Overall Summary

Explanation for Accountability Ratings

District Improvement Plan, 2022-2023

District Parent Involvement Policy - English

District Parent Involvement Policy - Spanish

BISD Federal Report Card

District Improvement Committee

Texas Academic Performance Report (TAPR)

School District Accreditation Statement

District Title IX Policies

CTE Continuous Non-Discrimination Statement


Note: Many of these documents are spread throughout our school district's websites, especially concerning campuses. We have gathered them into this one web page for the purpose of better serving our students, their families, district administrators and teachers/staff, and to meet requirements set by the Texas Education Agency.